SOYBEAN is one type of nuts or seeds.
Soybeans are also very well known to all corners of the world.
This time we will discuss about various processed soybeans and the benefits contained in soybeans.

Soy bean, tofu and other soy products

Who does not know this one food, almost all corners of the archipelago know it. Even many foreigners abroad are familiar with eating this tempe.
Tempeh is made from fermented soybeans.
Tempe has several benefits such as;
.prevent osteoporosis
.prevent anemia
.repair damaged cells
.can fight free radicals
.to prevent diabetes

Tofu is a partner of tempeh, as the saying goes, where there is tempe, there must be tofu.
Tofu is also the same as tempeh, which contains many benefits that are good for health, it’s just that tofu is not fermented like tempeh. Tofu is processed by boiling soybeans and grinding them into tofu.
Some of the benefits of consuming tofu, such as:
.prevent the risk of heart attack
can improve digestion
.lose weight
.can reduce the symptoms of menopause
.prevent osteoporosis

Soy milk is a source of protein and contains fiber which is good for smooth bowel movements, soy milk is also consumed as a substitute for cow’s milk, for infants or children who are allergic to cow’s milk.
Consuming soy milk is a good alternative.
Because in soy milk does not contain lactose.
Lactose is the main trigger of allergies in cow’s milk.
As for some of the other benefits of soy milk, such as;
.can prevent heart health
.can control weight
maintain healthy bones and joints
.boost the immune system

Soybean Sprouts
Soy sprouts are often found in traditional markets, because they are widely used by mothers as a daily menu, and can be cooked by stir-fry.
Here are some of the benefits of consuming soybean sprouts;
.prevent stroke and heart disease
.improve skin health and beauty
.to maintain bone density
.can increase the production of red blood cells
.improve fertility and prevent miscarriage

This one menu is also a favorite menu for mothers at home.
Because it tastes delicious when cooked with chicken or meat broth, added with vegetables and carrots, and eaten when the rainy season arrives, you can’t imagine how delicious it is.
It turns out that there are also many benefits of cooking this soybean soup.
Here are some benefits
.can relieve menopause in women
.lowers cholesterol
.prevent dementia
.reducing cancer risk
maintain the health of the body’s organs.
These are some of the preparations and benefits of consuming soybeans. Hopefully we can all feel the benefits.

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